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GFSix – Wife Rules Suck

Her We Go Again, Join In The Fun With Your Host Wesdog.

Tonight we talk all about them crazy ass wife rules, we hit up the Creepy Neighbor, the Joke Man and the Stupid Girl Skits. We talk some Superbowl and way more..

We Blow something up, we got a Show Stopper along with featured music from the “Light Weight Slams”, “On Point” and a little bit of “Razors And Red Flags”.. We got comedy from Brian Reagan, The GFsix Stupid Ass Duck is back tonight.

We hit up the Detective Dick Bower SR Skit, The Buta Dick Skit Along With The Hot Girl Skit All Here Tonight! Then we end all the madness with the one and only GFsix Prank Call Of The Week! Have Some Fun With Us!


Viceroy Crux Interview

viceroycruxEric Vellone from ULM In The Mornings had Terry Stirling from the Southern California band Viceroy Crux on air. Find out what is going on with their new music video coming out and how they came up with the name “Viceroy Crux”.

Check out more of Viceroy Crux by CLICKING HERE.

Downfall 2012 – Casey Bowen “Best Drummer of the Year”

One of the bands we LOVE to play on ULM is Downfall 2012. Recently drummer Casey Bowen took home the “2014 Texas Buzz Music Award” for Best Drummer. BIG congratulations to Casey Bowen.

Casey Bowen

Casey Bowen

Downfall 2012, the three piece band based out of Houston, Texas, congratulates their drummer, Casey Bowen for taking home the 2014 Texas Buzz Music Award for “BEST DRUMMER” 
The Texas Buzz Music Awards took place on December 28th, 2014, hosted by Jeremy from 94.5 the Buzz , Houston’s No. 1 new Rock Alternative radio station , and sponsored by “You Pick It, We Stick It” Tattoo & Piercings.
For more information visit: Downfall 2012

Beanboozled Challenge – The No BS Show

This episode Eric & Dave do the Jelly Belly “Beanboozled Challenge”, taste test & review salsa from Nectar Del Diablo, another segment of the Hodge Twins, Joke of the Week, interview with Charlie Sheen; and play some killer music from bands such as Saul, The Chimpz, No Weapon Formed, Her Bed of Thorns, Viceroy Crux, Against All Will, Memory of a Melody; and more.

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