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ULM Sponsored by Metal Love Custom Banners

metalove2Ultimate Local Music is proud to announce that we are now sponsored by “Metal Love Custom Banners”. This is a custom banner maker that totally supports Independent Music.

Banners are printed using professional, top-quality wide format printers. Quality materials such as eco-solvent , sun-resistant inks and rugged 14-mil thick vinyl. The result is as good as or better than you could get at your local print shop. We also print banners on vinyl mesh, pressure sensitive (adhesive backed) vinyl, and bioflex (as an environmentally friendly option)

There are no color limitations or size limitations. Once order is submitted with artwork and payment there is 2 to 3 day turn around. Shipping cost run $10 to $15.00, rush orders available with extra fee applied.

JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and BMP as well as other bitmapped graphic formats will generally not scale up to the size of a large format flag or banner if they are low resolution (small). If you were to print a large banner with one of those images on it, it is likely to look granulated and unrecognizable. They must be scaled to full print size at 100 dots per inch or greater.

We support EPS and PDF vector formatted images and JPG and PNG bitmap formatted images in some cases. EPS and PDF files containing bitmaps must include them at full size, 100 dots per inch or greater.
Many logo and mascot images and designs are created in these vector formats so that they can look perfect when they are used at any size. Check with your group or organization to see if they have a version of your logo in one of those formats. Or, visit Viking Arts. They can convert bitmapped (raster) formats to EPS vector format. A great source for scalable and compatible images (EPS format)

You can pay through paypal using

CLICK HERE to check out Metal Love Custom Banners on Facebook! Make sure you tell the Ultimate Local Music sent you.

The GFsix Show “Creepy Funeral Guy”

Here we go again! Join your host Wesdog on an hour long crazy ride.

We talk about this creepy funeral guy that I met, we hit up the Psycho Girlfriend, The Streaker and The Stupid Girl skits all here. We check out what’s going on In The Basement. The skit that’s taking over the world. lol

We talk some stuff going on at the GFsix Website like, the Caption Game, The Who’s Worse Game, The Rate My Girlfriend Game And More… We got the Jokeman, Thoughts With Steve along with awesome

The Chimpz Release the Official Video for “California”

L.A. Rap Metallers “The Chimpz” are extremely happy to announce the release of their Official video “California, their single off the new self-titled EP,  produced/ mixed/ arranged by the award winning Ryan Green (NOFX, Bad Religion, Megadeth, Jay Z, Usher).  The song is about life  in California (obviously!) …but it is also about following your dreams and working hard to obtain the lifestyle in which you desire.

Find out more about The Chimpz at the following links…
Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Kaos Nation Debut Show Now Available

If you missed the debut of The Kaos Nation Show, you can listen to it here and now. On this episode Kaos talks about the movie “Ray”, a game called Celebrity Quotes, and talks about The End of Days. Also plays blocks of three of the best music around.

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